Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital

From the President's Desk

To begin with let us thank each and every one of you profusely and from the bottom of our hearts for the encouragement and the whole hearted support you have given to us and our institution during the last quarter of a century. Your support and encouragement has been our inspiration and that was the pillar of our success.

Quarter of a century ago we started in a dilapidated rented building with 3 doctors and less than 25 inpatient beds. Now our hospital has grown to enormous size. We have our own beautiful building with nearly 300 beds, 10 operating tables,5 well equipped modern ICUs ,and the state of the art modern equipments. We have more than two and half acres of land in our possession.

Our outpatient strength has grown up nearly 30 times.We are not able to give services to the increasing inpatients because of non availability of beds. Non availability of bed is frequent complaint from our supporters and well wishers. To solve this problem we have decided to build up new blocks to increase our bed strength to 600.

As a part of our modernization project, we have started the work of new block which includes the facilities modern 8 Operation Theatres with laminar flow, modern cath lab with cardiothoracic surgery, 25 bedded dialysis units, organ transplant facilities, modern burns units etc.

Dear friends, to materialize, all these projects enormous funds are needed. Your encouragement and support is vital for us to achieve our future goals. Your aid will give you pride and satisfaction of being a part of this great movement to wipe out the tears and sorrows of many thousands of people. Apart from this mental satisfaction you will get many material benefits, priorities and concessions in our hospital.

You have helped us, encouraged us, and nurtured us during the past quarter of a century. We are looking forward for wider co operation and stronger encouragement in the future. With your whole hearted support sky is the limit for us in further growth

Saju KP

President Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital