Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital


The department of Ophthalmology at Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital has been established with the vision of giving world class eye care to the patients and providing ophthalmology care to patients suffering from multi-organ disorders and polytrauma. The department is equipped with state of the art instruments to provide the patients with the level of global care that one comes to expect or that one associates with Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital.

Services & Facilities

  • Catract Surgery centre
  • Day care Catract Surgery (Phaco/Micro Phaco)
  • Painless, Stichless, Injection less Surgery.
  • Topical anesthesia.
  • Monofocal/Multifocaliol
  • Naso lacrimal Surgery.
  • Probing
  • D.C.T.
  • D.C.R.
  • Squint Surgery
  • Oculoplastic Surgery
  • Entropion and Ectropion correction
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
  • ROP screening
  • YAG capsulotomy
  • HFA
  • A Scan
  • B Scan
  • Biometry
  • Non contact tonometer

Our Specialists



Speciality: Ophthalmology

languages: English,Malayalam

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