Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital


The department of Radio Diagnosis in Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital provides round the clock service using wide range of imaging techniques. The team of radiologists and technician perform diagnosis with utmost care and accuracy.

Digital Radiography

One of the earliest digital radiography unit is present in our hospital . All diagnostic x-ray are taken here including chest x-ray, abdominal x-ray, x-ray of extremities, skull and PNS xray.

Ultrasound imaging

Highly efficient ultrasound imaging with two separate units is present here. Routine ultrasound is available from 9AM to 5PM with emergency ultrasound for IP patients. Different areas covered include

1.     Obstetrics ultrasound routine, chromosomal anomaly screening and targeted anomaly scan.

2.     Abdominal ultrasound

3.     Doppler study including arterial and venous Doppler of extremities, carotid Doppler, renal Doppler.

4.     Small part ultrasound including thyroid, breast, scrotum, local swelling and musculoskeletal.

5.     Infertility work with follicular study, pelvic scan and HSG.

6.     USG guided FNAC from superficial lesions.

Computed Comography (CT)

24 hour CT service is provided in our hospital for emergency cases. 16 slice CT helps in accurate diagnosis with lesser radiation. Various areas examined including

-         CT head plain & contrast, CT angio

-         CT abdomen including triple phase scan

-         CT extremities

-         CT Angiogram

-         CT Thorax & HRCT

-         CT guided FNAC

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Speciality: Radiology

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Speciality: Radiology

languages: English,Malayalam

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