Co-Operative Hospital

Department of ENT


  • Out patient department working from Monday to Saturday.
  • 24 hours emergency service available.
  • Carl Zeiz Otomicroscope with Microdrill and set of Micro instruments.
  • Carl Storz 0o and 30o Nazal Endoscope withfull set of Endoscopic Instruments.
  • Adult and Paediatric Larynaoscope, Bronchoscope, Oesophaloscope with full set of instruments for foreign body removal, Biopsy and Surgery.
  • Set up for routine ENT Surgeries like Tonsilletomy and Septal Surgery.
  • 24 hours functioning separate operation theatre.

Our Specialist

Surgeries Done

1. Routine Surgeries like,
a. Tonsilletomy + Adenoidectomy.
b. Grommet Insertion.
c. Septoplasty / Submucos Resection.
d. Tubinoplasty / Turbinactomy.
e. Endoscopic cauterization of bleeding fonts for epistaxis.
f. Styloidectomy.
g. Excusion / Biopsy of Lesion in head and neck area.
h. Ear Lobe repair / Lobe piercing.
i. Frs. removal from Nose and Ear.
j. Younges surgery / R fracture nasal bone.
2. Micro Ear Surgeries
a. Exploratory mastoidectomy.
b. Modified radical mastoidectomy with and without oblimation of cavity.
c. Tympanoplasty / Mynnco plasty for ear formation.
d. Ear microscopy with cauterization of epacts of perfomation.
3. Nasal Endoscopy
a. Anterior and total functional endoscope sinus surgery for nasal polyposs / chronic and acute sinusitis.
b. Endoscopic DCR for constant watching from eyes.
c. CSF rhinorro closure for leak from brain cavity.
4. Micro Larengeral Surgery
a. Vocal cord poly / Nodule removal for hoarceness of voice.
b. Excision of Epiccittic cust / Lateralisation growth.
c. Vocal cord Lateralisation / Aretenoidectomy / Partial Cordectomy for breathleassness.
5. Rigid Oesophacoscam
To remove all joints of foreign bodies including dentures / Meet bals bones.
6. Head and Neck Surgeries
a. Tracheostamy for Goitre.
b. Submandibular Gland Exusion.
c. Pre- Airicular sinus exusion.
d. Tracheostomy.
e. Thyroglossar Cyst / Branchial Cyst + Fistula Excusion.
f. Reduction zygomac + Maxilla

24/7 ICU Ambulance

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Our Insurance Scheme

Insurance SchemeIndira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital is one which is empanelled under the Cashless treatment to the following sections. More