Co-Operative Hospital

Department of Anaesthesiology

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Indiragandi Co-Operative Hospital (IGCH), THALASSERY has 2 full time qualified anesthesioloigsts. In addition there are others who are available as and when the situation demands.

The anaesthesiologists are ably assisted by a qualified team of nursing Staff, operating room technicians and recovery room nurses who are available round the clock.

Anaesthesiologists are doctors who are trained to give anaesthesia, resuscitation, pain relief, intensive care management etc. They possess postgraduate degree Eg: MD or DNB and Diploma in Anaesthesia (DA).

Anaesthesia Machines
The anaesthesia machines available at IGCH are the latest (work stations), fitted with ventilators to provide optimal ventilation to the patient. They have oxygen failure warning and protective devises in place to ensure absolute safety of the patient.

They also have attached precision vapourisers for isoflurane, halothane and sevoflurane and the anaesthetists have a wide range of anaesthetics to choose from depending on the clinical situation and condition of the patient.

Our Specialist


Multiparameter monitors available is all operating rooms are of the highest caliber. Even cases of the most routine nature are meticulously monitored to erase even the remotest possibility of anaesthetic accidents. The following are the monitoring facilities available.

  • Pulse Oximetry
  • End tidal CO2 monitoring
  • 2 lead and 5 lead ECG monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Airway pressure monitoring
  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring in required cases

Central Gas Supply
The machines in addition to gas cylinders attached to them, have connection to a central gas supply unit which has audible and visual alarms in the operation theater that show low gas levels. Central suction and ceiling pendants will be installed shortly to ensure unrestricted movement in the operating rooms.

Other Equipments
4 Autoclaves regularly checked to be in good working condition.
Syringe and volumetric infusion pumps to ensure correct drug and fluid delivery.
Peripheral nerve locator to facilitate nerve blocks.

24/7 ICU Ambulance

Call-Ambulance- Co-Operative hospital

Our Insurance Scheme

Insurance SchemeIndira Gandhi Co-operative Hospital is one which is empanelled under the Cashless treatment to the following sections. More